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Context Diagram

Context Diagram

  • A DFD (Data Flow Diagram) that summarizes all processing activity within the system in single process sysbol.
    • Describes highest level view of a system
    • All external agents and all data flows into and out of a system are shown in the diagram
    • The whole system is represented as one process
    • The data flows that pass between the external entities and the system

DFD (Data Flow Diagram)

  • A graphical system model that shows all of the main requirements for an information system: inputs, outputs, processes and data stroage
  • They are primarily used in the systems development process
  • A data flow diagram is often the diagram of choice for modern entities

Guidelines for drawing a Context Diagram

  • List potential external entities (people, places). Look for entities that
    • Give data to the system without explaining the process that creates that data
    • Take data from the system without explaining what it does with that data
  • Establish what flows are sent to and from the system from external entities

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